Christmas, gifts at Monte dei Pegni: business worth one billion

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Christmas, gifts to the Monte dei Pegni to support the liquidity of families or to buy at auction

E’ a historical tool for obtaining immediate liquidity and does not stop pleasing Italians, even and especially at Christmas, when it is necessary to give a gift or – why not – to buy a gift to give at auction. This is the Monte dei Paegni. “As of September 30, 2021, the latest consolidated data, we have over 30,000 customers and 55,000 policies. The pledge confirms itself as an instrument to support the liquidity of Italian families “, he explains to / Labitalia Giuseppe Gentile, general manager of ProntoPegno, Monte dei Pegni of the Banca Sistema Group, Italy’s leading bank-type pawnbroker.

The importance of this tool in family economies is told by the numbers. “Volumes in the first 9 months of the year exceeded 115 million euros and loans as at 30/9/2021 amounted to approximately 87 million, up 16% on the same period of the previous year”, reiterates Gentile. The volumes take into account “everything that has been worked on -details the general manager- while the loans take into account the result, net of redemptions and assets sold at auction, so they are the data of interest”.

Recourse to credit on pledge “allows you to ‘use’ objects that are not used – says Gentile – or that you do not like and to be able to obtain a sum of money to invest in purchases”. And there are also those who resort to the pledge before a trip, he explains, “leaving the precious in safety and also getting something, to then redeem them on return”.

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