Cicciolina turns 70: the passion for chess, the marriage with the artist Jeff Koons and the other 7 secrets about her

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“In two days I’ll be 70 years old and I feel much less, let’s say 40 or at most 44 – he said Ilona Staller a few days ago at A Sheep Day -. How will I celebrate my birthday? I gathered my whole family, even my Hungarian relatives, and we will be together here in Italy ». Just today, November 26, Elena Anna Staller, better known as Cicciolina. Her career – between cinema (traditional and hard), art and politics – began in the early seventies, following her arrival in Italy: her manager Riccardo Schicchi will launch her, on a nocturnal radio program («Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? “) on the private radio station of Rome Radio Luna. In this context, the nickname with which the actress and model, future forbidden dream of the Italians, would become famous was born: Cicciolina in fact called the radio listeners who interacted with her by telephone “cicciolini” and “ciccioline”.

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