Cisco following Intel: offers Tesla cars to employees

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Cisco following Intel: offers Tesla cars to employees

Employees of Epsagon and FortShift, part of Cisco Israel’s innovation group, recently received an offer to choose a Tesla car from Model 3 in operational leasing, through Elden Car Rental companies. Leasing includes the installation of a charging station at the company’s expense at the employee’s home, and a full refund. Also, an employee who chooses this car will receive a free charge at Tesla stations spread across the country.

The monthly price that employees will pay will be similar to that of hybrid cars in the same price range. In addition, they will receive a discount of NIS 1,100 in the tax value for the use of a company vehicle (on behalf of the state, which is interested in encouraging the use of electric vehicles). So far, dozens of workers have asked to receive the car, which costs about NIS 220,000 for the basic model. As for the delivery time, the company says that if the employee chooses a model that is in the country, the delivery date is up to one month from the selection, however if the model is missing, the delivery date is between several months and a year.

The company’s employees are offered a number of other electric vehicles, including Hyundai buying an electric EV, SERES 3 EV, two models from the Chinese car manufacturer Geely and two models from the Chinese competitor Aiways.

As we reported in Globes last February, Intel was the first to add Tesla to its fleet of leasing cars. The operational leasing market in Israel numbers only about 230,000 vehicles, but is responsible for more than a third of the annual purchases of a new vehicle.

According to Ran Rabenzaft, Chief Technology Officer at Epsgon, of the Cisco Israel Innovation Group: “As a leading company in the high-tech industry, we have a commitment to pave the way for environmental protection. “As part of the transition to the use of green energy, which is entirely from green and renewable sources, we offer employees various electric vehicles, as part of the company’s leasing program.”

Galit HatN

Industrial Area 1

The new acquisition of “Beit Balev”

Prof. Galia Rahav, until recently the director of the infectious diseases unit in Sheba and one of the most prominent specialists in communication during the Corona period, has been appointed chief physician and consultant for infections in the “Beit Balev” network of the Maccabi Group. The network consists of three rehabilitative and geriatric medical centers, and six sheltered housing units. Rahav will continue to serve as an investigator in Sheba, as president of the infectious department. She also serves as chair of the Israeli Association of Infectious Diseases.

Rahav, 67, retired from active management of the Infectious Diseases Unit about a month ago. This is after two very intensive years, during which she treated patients, conducted many urgent studies, and also appeared frequently in the media and outreach activities. In 2020 she lit a beacon in honor of her performance in the first wave of the Corona.

Galia Rahav / Photo: Ilya Malinkov

It is not certain that the new position will be much calmer: “Beit Balev” is Maccabi’s largest and growing protected discussion network. According to Dr. Galit Kaufman, CEO of the chain, “Prof. Rahav brings with her extensive professional experience, knowledge and skills, humanity and dedication. She is the most suitable person to lead change in medicine, in the field that cries out for revolution.”

Gali Weinreb

Industrial Zone 2

Golf is expanding in Jerusalem

Golf Group is re-launching the Golf & Golf & Kav stores in the Azrieli Mall in Jerusalem, with an investment of approximately NIS 7 million. The two stores cover an area of ​​about 670 square meters. The chain includes about 320 stores throughout the country, including 161 fashion stores, 145 stores in the field of home design and the rest branches of Golf’s subsidiary, Adika. The company is headed by Eyal Greenberg, and it employs More than 2,300 employees In 2021, the company recorded revenues of NIS 959 million, a growth of 14.7% compared to 2020.

According to Einat Junger Carmeli, Golf’s VP of Marketing, “the group will continue to invest in points of sale and strengthen the customer experience, both in the offline world and in the online world and the connection between them.”

Shira Sapir

Yazid invests in Taibeh

Nazid Industries of Rahat, owned by the Tamam Group and the investment fund Bridges Israel, is expanding and opening another plant in Taibeh, with an investment of NIS 15 million. The new plant is expected to employ about 100 workers living in the area, with an emphasis on employing women. Its production capacity will reach about 25,000 servings of food a day for educational institutions and factories in the central region.

Nazid was founded by the socio-economic entrepreneur Ibrahim Nassara, a resident of Lakia, with the aim of promoting socio-economic change in the Negev, providing employment to Bedouin women and addressing the needs of catering in the country. The company’s main activity is the production and supply of hot meals to schools and kindergartens all over the country.

good news

The Fattal network joins the G17 network that works with and for people with disabilities, established by the Germany-Israel Future Forum Foundation. This is in light of the fact that its hotels employ workers with special needs in various positions.

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