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News coming to citizenship income with the 2021 Support decree. Resources increase by 1 billion, in view of an increase in the potential audience of beneficiaries. And the rules change, allowing those who accept a job to be able to automatically receive the Citizenship Income again, once the job is finished, if the total amount received does not exceed the threshold set for disbursement. The measure contained in the decree is illustrated in the technical report accompanying the provision.

In addition, the document also refers to emergency income: the number of potential beneficiaries exceeds 1.1 million families and involves an increase in the resources allocated to the measure equal to 1.5 billion euros.

In particular, the share that already receives the rem (335,000) will increase by 20% (67,000) reaching 402,000 potential beneficiaries. To which we must add 714,000 possible new recipients, thanks to the measure that allows access to the check also to subjects who have completed the services of naspi and discoll between 1 July 2020 and 28 February 2021. In the first case, an average monthly amount of € 550 is estimated, for a cost of € 663.3 million; while for the second group of interested parties the average monthly amount is 400 euros and the expenditure amounts to 856.8 million.


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