City in a frenzy, Pep looks ahead

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Statement of intent, there is no other way to call a performance by Manchester City last night (Wednesday) that secured itself first place in the 1st place in the Champions League, with a 1: 2 victory after a big upheaval over one of the main contenders for the crown, if not the most central of all, Paris Saint-Germain Raman of Leo Messi, Neymar and Killian Ambape.

Those who joined the celebration of Pep and his actors were the Kingdom newspapers, who of course did not miss the fact That Gabriel Jesus It was he who conquered the victory gate, to have fun with the expected word games in the style of “Jesus the Savior” and the like. Conquering the winning goal, he said at the end: “We have a lot of players who can help the team. “Everyone wants to give good balls to other players and there is no selfish player.” These things may also have been said as a sting to the opponent’s offensive trio, which was criticized for not contributing to the defensive effort.

Pep Guardiola, Who overcame his apprentice and friend, Messi, said after the big turnaround: “We knew a draw would be good for us but in the end we won. Paris are too good up front so we had to defend as a team. After the goal we conceded, we snatched a knockout for five or ten minutes. It was a great night for us, my players provided a performance at the highest level possible. “

“Now, after promising a rise from first place we can put the focus on the struggles in the league to get to the quarter-finals in February in optimal condition,” the Spanish coach added. “We play very well and people enjoy watching us play. I hope we can keep it going for as long as possible.”

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