CityRocks is organizing two giga concerts this summer

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2023-05-28 12:00:00

Anyone can be a member of CityRocks giant bands if they have at least basic singing or instrumental skills. Applications are also expected from amateur and professional musicians from the region, the Szeged team informed in a statement.

– CityRocks is always more than a party. Many hundreds of musicians come, from small children to old people, from factory workers to top managers. It is also completely incidental that someone has equipment worth a few tens of thousands of forints or even millions. Everyone carries the essence within themselves anyway. It doesn’t matter who comes from where, just like who will go where next. But here, in a frenetic environment, we can experience how easily we can actually connect with each other. This is the miracle of live music – said the main organizer Ferenc Gajda, who says that both locations are symbolic.

– Veszprém is because this year it is one of the most important program locations on the continent, as the city of queens hosts countless events as the Cultural Capital of Europe. This cavalcade sends the same message as CityRocks: there are as many of us as we are, but we can show a common value, he explained. Since 2019, Veszprém has held the title of UNESCO City of Music, and this year, together with the Bakony-Balaton region, it is the European Capital of Culture.

– And Szatmárnémeti is symbolic because it lies on the other side of a border to which the neighboring peoples historically relate in very different ways. It is not our job to resolve this tension, but if Hungarians and Romanians, and even Ukrainians, will unselfishly play music together at our event, it will perhaps set an uplifting example for everyone in the future. The real limits are in people. Playing together can always open these up – said Ferenc Gajda.

Singers, guitarists, bassists, drummers and keyboard players can also apply for the events. can be on the page. If you want to be a member of the giant band, you only have to send a short video of your own music production.

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