A fire that broke out on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday to the electrical cables connecting the Tesla factory under construction near Berlin has been claimed by a far-left group. We cut the power supply to the Tesla Gigafactory construction site in Grnheide, near Berlin, on the night between 25 and 26 May 2021, setting fire to six high-voltage cables laid on the surface, written in the claim that appeared on the website of extreme left Indymedia. Tesla is neither green, nor ecological nor social, our fire against the lies of the green car, says the group that signs the document against Elon Musk’s company, and which is called Vulkangruppe. According to investigators, who were already investigating for arson, the claim is credible. Vulkangruppe has claimed responsibility for several arson attacks in the recent past.

Tesla, the Gigafactory and the controversies

The Gigafactory in Berlin, 92 hectares under construction in the forest of Grnheide, near the capital, is not yet ready and has already given rise to numerous controversies. In February 2020, for example, two German environmental associations who had asked to stop the construction site due to the impact it would have on the environment, lost in court. Reptiles, insects and birds – including some endangered bat species – should have at least moved. But the judge agreed with Tesla. In December 2019, a group of local administrations was formed to manage the impact on the community and its infrastructures. And in January 2020 an explosive device dating back to the Second World War, 85 kilos, was set off in an emergency. Last October, finally, the yard’s water bills were unpaid, and construction was stopped due to lack of water. Now the attacks of the antagonists. From Spain to Estonia, when in 2016 the company announced that it would open a European branch, as many as 13 other sites had contended with Grnheide for the arrival of a similar industrial center, which will produce components for 3 or 4 million at full capacity. Tesla the year, and therefore promises to bring many jobs. But the road to the opening seems bumpier than expected.

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