Clalit CEO with new appointment: This is the pharmaceutical company he will head

Clalit CEO with new appointment: This is the pharmaceutical company he will head

Professor Ehud Dodson (Photo by Rami Zranger)

Professor Ehud Dodson, CEO of Clalit Health Services until last July, has been appointed chairman of the Dutch pharmaceutical company Code Pharma. Such a recruitment move is particularly significant at a time when clinical trials are being conducted in the second phase in Brazil and South Africa on the company’s flagship drug, the codibir-gamora, which is considered the world’s most advanced in the treatment of corona virus. The medical community is waiting for the approval of the drug, which knows how to lower the virus levels regardless of the type of variant.

Prof. Dodson, a specialist in internal medicine, served in his last position as Director General of Clalit Health Services between the years 2018 and 2021. After graduating from the IDF as a Divisional Physician (Lieutenant Colonel), he studied Health Systems Administration and began climbing Clalit Health Fund from Dan District Medical Director Through the director of the Northern District, he managed the “Meir” hospital in Kfar Saba, and served as the head of the hospital division at the fund. His most recent position, before being appointed CEO of the fund, was the director of the Soroka Medical-University Center in Be’er Sheva. He currently serves as an associate professor in the Department of Health Systems Management at Ben-Gurion University.

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Code Pharma is a pharmaceutical company specializing in viral infections, AIDS and cancer research, founded by the Israeli-Dutch Zion Eini. Its flagship drug is the antiviral Kodibir-Gamora, which is designed to work against a wide range of viruses, and has recently been successful in clinical trials in Corona patients. In those trials “Codivir-Gammora” resulted in a complete cure of the patients. During 2021, the drug received emergency approvals in various countries for the treatment of corona patients.

“This is a very innovative pharmaceutical company, which has come to provide an answer to problems that trouble all of humanity,” said Prof. Ehud Dodson. “Pharma’s drugs are designed to provide a solution to the flu, corona, AIDS and other various viruses. In recent years the world has thought that 21st century problems are no longer infections, but aging-related diseases. Passport at the border, and they migrate wherever they want.The infections are here to stay, so the work of the Pharma Code is critical.It is an innovative solution, which I believe medically – a drug that works directly against the virus or destroys cells infected by the virus, stopping disease progression and eliminating her”.

“Kodibir-Gamora is a solution to diseases that affect many millions of people. This solution has a lot of evidence, and we are in the midst of clinical studies. As a doctor and as a manager this is the right place to be and contribute from my many years of experience. And expand to the various cancers. ”

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