CLASSIC AND TIMELESS | BLOG RED : Sport Club Internacional

CLASSIC AND TIMELESS |  BLOG RED : Sport Club Internacional

A university professor I once knew always told the same story to his new students at the beginning of each new semester. What impressed me listening to him tell the story in a lecture I attended I don’t know where – nor when, was that “You don’t need to have a new car to prove yourself competent to your customers, but even an old car needs to be clean all the time”.

Although I found the message a bit silly at the time, I soon understood the professor’s perspective. When we were young, all of us arrived at university banks thinking about changing the world, thinking that the problem with the system was people and not the lack of interest in wanting something to be done differently. Apart from that, in the flower of age, we pay little attention to the masters who cross our paths.

That teacher had, with an almost silly sentence, found a way to call attention to even the most idiotic people who were there, in front of him.

We arrived at a Copa Libertadores in an old car. Over a decade of use. Opponents, even the lowliest ones, look at us with disdain; with a certain air of derision and disrespect. If the marks of time on the bodywork weren’t enough, the damn engine has been choking for the last few months and smoked a few days before we started another journey in The cup.

In the land of the powerful, they forget our past and treat us like nobody else. They think that “in these clothes” we will not get anywhere.

But then I remember that our red car already knows the way, it has been there twice and, being old, knows the shortcuts for who knows how to get there faster. It’s well used, it’s true, but a good victory wash in the debut, a polishing of the carcass already in the second start and a tune-up on the slightly tired engine before ‘picking up’ with another tired in the third, will already put us in the running again. And with that, making those who today disdain us say to you: “look what a classic is capable of doing…”

Classics are timeless.

The reality is that I want to be big. Or rather: I want to rub it in whoever’s face that I never stopped being great. And for that it’s not time to save on spare parts for the old monster. No parallel part. We have to invest in what is most genuine in the market. It’s drag racing. The time, then, is now. Or maybe never.

Let’s go, yes, for another Cup with the reputation of an old car. But, well, if I’ve already come a long way with mine – that’s what I had and I could do it, it won’t be Colorado that will have to stay along the way. The Internacional is not an old car, but a classic.

Classics, as I said, are timeless. They are great always and everywhere. They never fail to accentuate their prestige and value. There are people who talk and are walking on foot. Let’s clean and polish the beauty. And let’s go for another journey of glory.

The road is long, but we already know the arrival. Let’s go, let’s go, my Inter!


– Mano Menezes, as I have already said here and repeated, was right when he arrived, saying that he needed us and we needed him. The problem is that time has passed and now I believe that Internacional is no longer in the same premise;

– After Sunday, let’s agree that almost no one else was good. As Don Telmo would say, “who sold scissors in the popular illusion, go back to the border to find yourself again”. And to find lost football;

– I don’t want to burn any kid, but besides the hair style, Estevão reminds me a lot of the boy Nonato. Even in ball control. If one didn’t fit, then…;

– We really need a number 5 shirt and already for the first game of the cup as I said here a month ago. And while the clock is ticking the last stroke, the “agile” management are still looking for a solution;

– Only slow ox drinks dirty water;

– Up to the date of the Council meeting, the leadership is losing to the power vampires;

– Alessandro Barcellos needs to understand that to preside over our mighty Colorado, he needs audacity and courage. We are a football club and not a sports company. telemarketing. His austerity policy needs to coexist in harmony with football, otherwise his name and that of his peers end up going down in history as a mere accident along the way. The time is now, President!


Who says anything comes from Barbada to Colorado?

The fight is fought and it only ends at the end my People of Inter. Let’s go with faith once again.



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