Claude-Oliver Rudolph retrains: Bond villain becomes catwalk model | Regional

Claude-Oliver Rudolph retrains: Bond villain becomes catwalk model |  Regional

2023-07-14 11:35:42

Hamburg – More and more top actors are advertising for fashion companies. Johnny Depp (60) for Dior, Ryan Gosling (42) for Gucci, Gerard Butler (53) for Olymp shirts. Now James Bond villain Claude-Oliver Rudolph (66, “The world is not enough”) does PR for luxury fashion and appeared in Hamburg for the first photo shoot. BILD was there exclusively!

From TV roughneck to catwalk model? The cinema star, who played in the 1981 hit film “Das Boot” (with Herbert Grönemeyer, Jürgen Prochnow, Martin Semmelrogge), has now entered into a partnership with Marco Sinervo (48), who has been head of “MGM Models” in Hamburg for 20 years , one of the leading model agencies in Europe.

Claude-Oliver Rudolph (without glasses) with model agent Marco Sinervo (“MGM Models”)

Photo: Andreas Costanzo

Marco, who once raised supermodel Eva Herzigová (50), promoted Chrissie Teigen (37) and discovered Kate Upton (31), is very familiar with the industry worldwide and says: “Claude-Oliver Rudolph is unmistakable, a striking guy and real man. There’s only one! Authenticity is all in demand again. The fashion trend is no longer about soap softies, but about real guys.”

TV villain and film producer Claude (who has already celebrated his 50th professional anniversary) patiently stands in front of the camera for eight hours with top fashion photographer Dennis Weber (37) at “MGM” in Hamburg-Pöseldorf, in various suit outfits.

Claude-Oliver Rudolph is styled for the photo shoot

Photo: Andreas Costanzo

For the men’s “Vogue”? Marco: “No, no, first for Milan. We also offer it to ‘GQ’ magazine.” Does Claude also have to go up on a catwalk in Italy? “Yes, it could very well be.”

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And what does Claude say? “It doesn’t bother me at all, on the contrary. The film world or Heidi Klum’s shows have nothing to do with reality. Nobody knows most of the models these days. I like the real world and stay true to my genre. In real life I also like good restaurants, cool cars and luxury clothes, smoke Gitanes without a filter or puff cigars. The advertising is fun and real.”

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