Climate, 2020 is the second hottest year ever –

+1.2 degrees

The average temperature of 2020 was found to be equal to 14.9 degrees, that is 1.2 ° C above the average of the pre-industrial level 1850-1900, with unprecedented extremes in various regions (Siberia, Arctic), as recalled by the Wmo. “We are heading towards a catastrophic increase of 3-5 degrees this century,” recalls Antonio Guterres, secretary general of the United Nations. The Paris Agreement on climate indicated +2 ° C as the limit not to be exceeded to avoid planetary disasters, trying to limit the increase to +1.5 ° C. The 2020 figure, points out Petteri Taalas, secretary general of the Wmo, is very worrying because it is almost equal to the record year 2016, when temperatures were pushed up by a particularly intense El Niño. “Since the 1980s, every decade has always been warmer than the previous one.”

The trend

Perhaps La Niña could remove 2021 from the list of records, but climatologists are not unbalanced: for the Wmo already today there is a 20% chance that the threshold of +1.5 degrees established in Paris will be reached already in 2024 . In December the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere hit a new record of 413.95 ppm (parts per million) as it had not happened for tens of millions of years, according to data obtained from fossil sequences and Antarctic ice, with a increase of 3.5 ppm in one year, despite the slowdown in activities caused by the lockdowns.

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