Climate change, focus on small grains production

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has emphasized that innovative companies should pay more attention to climate change, production of small grains and improving farmers’ income.

A national conference to promote innovative companies was held in Bengaluru, Kannada on Saturday. Minister Nirmala Sitharaman who participated in it said:

Innovative companies are operating in various sectors including renewable energy, nuclear power, defense logistics manufacturing, satellites, space technology. At the same time, the companies should focus on areas that are not much focused on.

Climate change is having various impacts. The impact of climate change is also high on the country’s agriculture sector. Considering that, innovative companies should be involved in research activities to prevent and combat climate change.

If climate related research is not given importance, the country’s economy will suffer greatly. No one can pay the price for that. The rain that should fall throughout the monsoon season falls in total in a few days. No town or village can escape from excessive rainfall.

Increase in income:

Farmers are making changes in crop production due to unpredictable weather. Innovative companies should explore ways to increase the income of farmers in the country, ways to overcome malnutrition through the consumption of small grains.

Agricultural commodities with high market potential and employment generating sectors can also be explored. Food security is not just about food production. Value addition activities, including exports, also play an important role in food security. Even the country with the largest agricultural production will be severely affected by climate change.

Following the request of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the UN declared 2023 as the International Year of Small Grains. announced. Karnataka is leading in the production of small grains. Innovations should be explored in relation to increasing the income of farmers producing small grains. He said that the companies should make effective use of every opportunity.


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