“Closing of Tirupur Archive; Criminal action against administrator” – Minister Geetha Jeevan inspected in person | TN Social Welfare Minister Geetha Jeevan inspects Tripur Children Home in Tiruppur

Tirupur: Tamil Nadu Social Welfare Minister Geetha Jeevan has said that “The death of children has occurred due to carelessness, laxity and lack of proper attention of the Tirupur private orphanage. Close the orphanage and criminal action will be taken against the administrator.”

Tamil Nadu Social Welfare Minister Geeta Jeevan personally inspected Tirupur Children’s Home today. He then met the press. He then said: “I saw the nursery where the children died. Actually, the place is not like a children’s rest room. It is in an unsafe manner. After almost a hundred meters, there is a toilet. The children are in a lot of trouble because they cannot go to the toilet at night.

No guardian stayed with the children overnight. If someone stayed there, the children would have told their problems. Could have done something. One is staying. However, it has been stated in the report submitted to the government that he is not a custodian. Due to carelessness, laxity and lack of proper attention of this nursery, the death of children has occurred. This is evident when examined in person.

Due to lax management of this orphanage, children have died. So this archive is closed. Action will be taken on the advice of the Child Welfare Committee regarding the transfer of the children from this shelter to the government home in Erode.

Relief amount has been given on behalf of DMK. On behalf of the government, the district collector has sent a proposal to the government for providing relief. The Chief Minister will announce the relief. “Criminal action will be taken against the administrator of the archive concerned,” he said.

3 children died after eating spoiled food at the Sri Vivekananda Sewalayam-supported children’s home at Thirumurukanpoondi, Avinasi Road, Tirupur. Also, 12 people including 11 children are undergoing treatment. It is noteworthy that Senthilnathan managed this archive. | Read more > 3 children die due to spoiled food in Tirupur private nursery – 12 including 11 children treated


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