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Yuri Izachik, who is on the international wanted list, said that he donated 85% of the capital of Rostagrokompleks to top managers, as he “thought he was dealing with friends and was not afraid of anything.”

Yuri Izachik, co-founder of the Rostagroexport group, which produces glazed curds under the B. Yu. Aleksandrov ”, in an interview with Forbes explained the dispute with top managers for the company.

The corporate inheritance dispute concerns Rostagrokompleks (the main operating company of Rostagroexport), it began after the death of the founder of the brand, Boris Aleksandrov. Izachik owned a 100 percent stake in Rostagrokompleks, but in June 2021 donated most of the stake (85%) to five top managers of the company.

According to Izachik, he entered into a donation agreement because he was promised that he would receive a 15% stake “in the newly created holding company, which should include all the companies of the group,” including those in which the top managers controlled the shares. “I gave them 85% of my 100%, but they did not fulfill their promise: their shares in other companies remained with them,” he said.

Co-owner of the producer of cheese curds “B. Yu. Aleksandrov “put on the wanted list

In October, the businessman filed two lawsuits with the Moscow Arbitration Court, naming the top managers of Rostagroexport Sergei Babachenko, Valentina Kshennikova, Galina Makarova, Marina Reznikova and Nelly Khrapunova as defendants. Izachik demanded that the donation agreement be declared invalid. The statement of claim stated that at the time of signing the businessman “was in a serious mental and physical condition, which was used by the defendants,” Vedomosti wrote.


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