Cocaine and firearm

Cocaine and firearm

2023-10-02 18:33:25

For the alleged crime of illicit drug trafficking, on a high scale, Niurka D. and Karelys A. were prosecuted by the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office, this after the raid that was carried out in the women’s home, finding drugs and other evidence. Cocaine and firearm.

Process. At the hearing to classify flagrancy and formulate charges, the prosecutor in the case reported that the Anti-Narcotics Intelligence Unit of the National Police, based on confidential information, learned that classified substances subject to control were being kept at the home of the defendants.

To justify the beginning of the criminal process, the informative and arrest reports were presented, the versions of the uniformed officers who participated in the procedure, the inspection report for the collection of evidence and the weighing report of the drugs found, among other elements of conviction. .

The judge who heard the case accepted the request of the Prosecutor’s Office and issued preventive detention against the two women and ordered thirty days for the closure of the tax investigation.


During a raid led by the Prosecutor’s Office in coordination with the National Anti-Drug Investigation Directorate, in a property located around the ‘Wholesale’ market, south of Riobamba, Niurka D. and Karelys A. were arrested, and eighty of them were found and nine grams of cocaine, a firearm, a cell phone and a scale.

Initially, it was known that the information was obtained through a complaint from a citizen, who preferred not to identify himself for fear of reprisals against him, who, in addition, apparently suffered a robbery.

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Immediately, the Prosecutor’s Office, in coordination with the Anti-Narcotics Intelligence Unit of the National Police, carried out an operation to locate the women and the drugs.

Those now prosecuted are of Ecuadorian nationality and it is being investigated whether or not they belong to some type of criminal organization.
After completing the prosecutorial investigation stage, the magistrate will determine whether or not they actually participated in the crime for which they are being prosecuted, and if they are found guilty, they will be punished in accordance with article 220 of the Comprehensive Organic Penal Code. The sentence could be five to seven years in prison, everything depends on the investigations.A

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