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A young man who went to see the Beast movie with his friends was tragically killed in a car crash near Nanchundapuram this morning.

Kaushik (21) is the son of Balasubramaniam from Santosh Nagar near Nanchundapuram in Coimbatore. He dropped out of college and is now self-employed. In this case he is a friend Prithvi (20) from the same area, Kaushik’s cousin Kanishka and his friend Niveda. The four were traveling in a car towards Ukkadam via a customs bypass this morning.


The car then suddenly lost control and crashed into a roadside barrier and a nearby tree. In this, 4 people were trapped inside the wreckage of the car. Kaushik was crushed to death on the spot and three others were injured. Those who passed by heard the noise and ran away and informed the police.

Upon receiving the information, the police and the Traffic Investigation Division recovered the body of Kaushik, the victim of the accident, and sent it to the Coimbatore Government Hospital for autopsy. All 3 people injured in the crash were later admitted to hospital for treatment. Police investigation has revealed that the accident took place when Vijay fan Kaushik went with his friend and friends for an early morning special show to watch the Beast movie released today.


Coimbatore East Traffic Investigation Division police have registered a case and are conducting an investigation.


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