Coinbase falls 4% after missing analysts’ expectations

The revenues were 803 million dollars, compared to the corresponding quarter, this is a decrease of 31%, this is due to a decrease in the volume of trading in the crypto market, the forecasts of the analysts expected revenues in the amount of 854 million dollars. The loss per share was 4.98 dollars per share, worse than the forecasts of the analysts who expected a loss per share of 2.68 dollars. EBITDA came in at a loss of $151 million, when analysts expected a larger loss of $173 million.

Coinbase expects between 7 and 9 million monthly active users performing actions, while the previous estimate was 8.7 million. In the second quarter, 9 million active users and traders used Coinbase, the expectation was 8.4 million.

The trading volume in the second quarter on the platform was 217 billion dollars, below the forecasts of the analysts who expected a volume of about 220 billion dollars, the revenues from the transaction reached about 655 million dollars, below the forecast of the analysts who expected revenues from this segment at the height of 700 million dollars. The appointment services that the company provides came slightly above analysts’ forecasts that revenues from this segment stood at $147 million.

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