“Cold cases” linked to Fourniret: the investigations closed in three files, including that of Estelle Mouzin

“Cold cases” linked to Fourniret: the investigations closed in three files, including that of Estelle Mouzin

The investigating judge in charge, in Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine), of three “cold cases” concerning the serial killer Michel Fourniret completed her investigations in early February. This is what a source familiar with the matter said on Monday, confirmed by the prosecution. Among the cases concerned is that of the kidnapping, in 2003, of little Estelle Mouzin.

After the death in 2021 of Michel Fourniret, a trial is therefore looming for his ex-wife Monique Olivier, the only person implicated in these three cases: the kidnapping of Marie-Angèle Domèce in 1988, that of Estelle Mouzin and the murder of Joanna Parrish in 1990. Contacted by Agence France presse (AFP), his lawyer Richard Delgenes, did not wish to comment on the end of the investigations.

These three files closed, Monique Olivier can now make her observations, then the prosecution take its requisitions. It will then be up to the examining magistrate Sabine Kheris to decide whether or not to hold a trial. If it takes place, this trial could be held in November 2023, according to sources familiar with the matter.

A dozen unsuccessful excavation campaigns

Monique Olivier has already been sentenced to life imprisonment for complicity in four murders and gang rape committed by Michel Fourniret, then to twenty years’ imprisonment for a fifth murder. She had settled in 1987 with the killer when he was released from prison. They had a son together, then she divorced in 2010.

“Forensic truth is important for the families of victims. They fought so hard to get it, ”reacted Me Didier Seban, the lawyer for the Domece, Parrish and Mouzin families. “There will naturally be a before and after trial, even if the absence of Michel Fourniret will highlight the faults of our judicial system”, he anticipated.

On April 1, 2021, Monique Olivier had recognized for the first time a role in the kidnapping of Estelle Mouzin, specifying that she had accompanied Michel Fourniret to the edge of the wood of Issancourt-et-Rumel so that he buried the body of the girl. Since June 2020, a dozen excavation campaigns have been organized in the Ardennes, sometimes in the presence of the killer and / or his ex-wife, to try to find the body of the girl, without success.

These files appear as the first closed judicial information from the national center installed in Nanterre since March 2022 and reserved for serial or unsolved crimes, of which Sabine Kheris is the first vice-president.


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