Collection of Rs.1.73 Crores at Malai Mahadeswara Temple Dinamalar

Samraj Nagar-Karnataka’s one of the major temples, the Malai Mahadeswarar Temple Bills collected Rs 1.73 Crores in 36 days.

The Hill Mahadeswarar Temple at Samraj Nagar, Hanur is of historical fame. Controlled by Hindu Charities. It is one of the richest temples with high revenue. Here, once in two months, the bills are opened. 36 days ago, the bill was counted. 2 crore rupees in cash, 50 grams of gold and 2.3 kg of silver items were collected as donations. Due to the coming of festivals and holidays, the bills were full, and in the presence of the Secretary of the Hill Development Commission of Malai Mahadeswar, Katyayani Devi, the bills were opened and counted yesterday. Out of this, 1 crore 73 lakh 56 thousand 691 Rupees in cash, 56 grams of gold and 2.1 kg of silver items were recovered.

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