Cologne: Criticism of Henriette Reker: “Of all people, a woman allows the muezzin call!” – Domestic politics

In Cologne, the Call of the muezzin echo through the city. There is strong criticism of Mayor Henriette Reker (64, independent).

Reker took the step at the weekend as a “sign of respect” celebrated. Critics immediately waddled her off: “Anyone who doubts that, questions Cologne’s identity and our peaceful coexistence.” She also compared the muezzin call with the ringing of church bells.

At BILD LIVE, the sociologist and Islam expert Necla Kelek (63) cleared up the Reker phrases: “The pictures actually show everything: when Allahu Akbar is called, men come together. The men who have their wives at home. ”

According to their husbands, these women should not have a place in public – “hence the headscarf if they should move in public,” said the Islam expert

▶ ︎ Kelek: “Of all things, a woman as Lord Mayor confirms to these men that this image of society is in order – in the midst of us.”

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Foto: picture alliance/dpa

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Islam-Expertin Necla Kelek (63)Foto: picture alliance/dpa

Kelek finds the comparison with the ringing of church bells completely out of place. About the muezzin call she says: “It sends an ideology, a very specific direction.”

Because: In the call to prayer religious slogans are proclaimed – for example “I testify that there is no god but Allah” and “Allahu Akbar” (God is great).

Islam expert Kelek: “Allahu Akbar is also calling the terrorists. Actually, Allahu Akbar is now banned in our vocabulary – because it is used by Islamists, terrorists and assassins. “

CSU politician Michael Kuffer (49) also considers the comparison of churches to be wrong. At BILD LIVE he said: “It is a complete leveling of things that are simply not comparable!”

Männer unter sich: das Freitagsgebet in der Kölner Ditib-MoscheeFoto: picture alliance / Marius Becker/dpa

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Men among themselves: a Friday prayer in Cologne’s Ditib mosqueFoto: picture alliance / Marius Becker/dpa

In total, all 35 Cologne mosques are allowed to apply for a permit to call the muezzin from the city – including the large Ditib central mosque. The Ditib association reports to the Turkish autocrat Recep Tayyip Erdogan (67), spreads anti-Semitism and is against the rights of the LGBTI community.

CSU politician Kuffer: “That is a completely wrong understanding of liberality, of integration. I think that’s devastating. If we go this route, we let Ditib fool us. “

The integration expert Ahmad Mansour (45) had already sharply criticized the Cologne city boss for her decision: “It’s not about ‘religious freedom’ or ‘diversity’, as Mayor Reker claims. The mosque operators want visibility. They celebrate the muezzin as a show of power over their neighborhoods. “

Sociologist Kelek considers the Cologne “model project” to be a false Islamic policy. “We urgently need reforms – of course on girls’ and women’s rights, but also on anti-Semitism. We need smart mosque imans who bet on it, ”she said. These people must be promoted in Europe – in Islamic countries this is not possible because of the “dictatorships in the name of Islam”.

Kelek wonders: “Why is a Lord Mayor of Cologne so resistant to advice? Why are we not heard, but rather the associations financed from abroad and determined in terms of content? “



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