Colored eyelashes: the bold trend you should try

Colored eyelashes: the bold trend you should try

2023-10-03 18:00:22

There are many ways to make your lashes look bold, with colors, glitters, and complementary accessories like contact lenses. Keep reading and we’ll tell you more!

Last update: October 3, 2023

The use of colored eyelashes is not something new, but the inclusion of increasingly bold shades is. For years we have enjoyed alternative tones to black, such as brown and blue, but In this note we are going to talk to you about bright and unusual colors.

So, if you are looking for a radical change that includes renewing your look with much more determination, you have to keep reading and start choosing the shades that best represent you.

These are the 10 boldest colors for eyelashes

The use of bold, bright and very vivid colors for eyelashes is a trend that 2023 has left us with and that will surely last over time. From very discreet touches to a total change of color for your eyesthat is the proposal of this new technique that already has thousands of followers in the world.

In fact, we based our selection on the eyelash designs in bold colors that more than 13 thousand people have shared under the heading “colorful eyelashes” on Instagram. Which ones do you like the most?

1. Eyelashes in aquamarine tone

We start this list of bold colored eyelashes with this design in which the main tone is aquamarine blue. It is evident that She has put on a set of false eyelashes on top of her natural ones. to create a nice contrast with the black.

With your eyes open, you can see the gradient between the two colors much better and, with your eyes closed, the aquamarine takes control.

2. Blue and red details

For those who do not consider themselves so risky, this option that we share with you is ideal. Under a false eyelash technique, hair by hair, two bold shades have been placed. Blue is located towards the internal tear duct, while red is in the external area.

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To make the technique stand out, the model has been fitted with Russian-type eyelashes, which is known for wearing a lifting with a great volume that makes your look stand out.

3. Color design at the base of the eyelashes

This model is the opposite of the one we mentioned in the first option. In this case, the blue eyelashes have been located below the black eyelashes, making it stay at the base of the eyelashes.

It is observed that both the black and blue strands are false, they could well have been installed under the hair-by-hair technique or the Russian technique.

4. Red eyelashes

Another of the bold colored eyelash designs is this one in a deep red tone, which is achieved in various ways as social media influencer @helenariot shows us. The first thing the model does is apply a red mascara on your natural eyelashes and add volume with a set of false eyelashes.

The treatment it gives to the extra lashes is amazing. She covers them with a very light base and pigments them with red shadow. Then he puts them on and defines hair by hair. An excellent alternative for a moment of temporary change!

5. Patriot Lashes

Another of the bold colored eyelash designs is this one that we traced for you in which the volume of the eyelashes is used, using a hair-by-hair technique in the outer area of ​​the eye. to recreate, in this case, the flag of Mexico.

Subtly, it is observed that among the other black eyelashes there are some dark blue strands, which help give it a lot of movement.

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6. Matching the eyebrows

This boldly colored eyelash model plays very well with the eyebrows. We see that, on the natural eyelashes, some strands have been located in a pink tone, which It matches perfectly with the same tone applied to the tail of the eyebrows. Do you dare to try this design?

7. With bright and shaped appliqués

This option that we identified on social networks is very beautiful and can be used to show off together with daughters or nieces. It goes beyond a permanent change, because bright and shaped appliqués are this case butterflies, which can be removed whenever desired.

It is evident that in this case a false eyelash extension technique has been executed that matches a very beautiful Russian volume, taking advantage of the upper and lower part of the eyelashes to place the appliques. We also see that they can be put in different colors, as desired.

8. In combination with the color of your eyes

This is an excellent use of pink, one of the boldest colors to use on eyelashes and, in this case, on the eyes. We highlight this model, because it It makes a very nice use of the trendy color and contrasts wonderfully.

Of course, it is a very bold bet, because we well know that this color is not natural to the eyes. Would you risk making this change? look?

9. With touches of glitter

What a beautiful finish that the glitter to these lashes! We observe a lifting with a very natural finish that stands out discreetly with a few thick and shiny strands.

10. In neon tones

We conclude this list of bold colored eyelashes with an incredible technique that social networks give us. As we can see in the video, Neon colors are used so that when the person is in a place with black lighthis eyes stand out like never before.

What care should you give to colored eyelashes so that they always look bold?

Eyelashes with bold colors must be cared for like the false eyelashes they are. Next, we remind you the care that, surely, your stylist will have shared with you trustworthy.

Do not rub your eyes so as not to damage the shape and length of the eyelashes. To clean them, use micellar water, applying it with a cotton pad in very gentle touches. Try not to go to saunas and steam baths, as they can remove the glue from your eyelashes. Avoid using masks, as the effect they have left on you can be lost and change the chosen color. Do not remove makeup with creams, oils and other products, because they could damage the color, adhesive and finish. Do not wet them before 48 hours after application. In fact, try not to wet them too much to preserve the colors.

Are there risks when using colored eyelashes?

So far there is no clear evidence of possible disadvantages of using colored or false eyelashes, beyond the risks inherent to improper manipulation of the eyes. To avoid possible infections or unexpected results, it is recommended to go to a professional for their installation.

In addition, optimal care must be provided after application, avoiding overhandling them or applying other products that damage them. For everything else, it can be said that there are more benefits than risks in the use of this technique, as it allows many people to show off a look full of color and joy.

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