Colors of the homeland | “Joker” hacks a million Android phones around the world .. “Check your phone”

Cyber ​​threats continue to threaten millions of users, as security researchers have found dozens of popular applications on Android that contain fierce viruses that steal data, and have already succeeded in penetrating nearly a million devices.

Google has taken only minor actions on the vast majority of these applications, and according to researchers at Phone Arena, this does not help the millions who have already downloaded these malicious applications, according to the British newspaper, The Sun.

Types of malicious apps targeting Android users

The list ranges from photo editing apps to phone theme tools, and they all look innocent and natural on the surface, but under the hood lies a nasty piece of malware called the Joker.

Cyber ​​security experts explain that the joker is a form of malicious tool that aims to steal money from Android phone users without their knowledge. It simulates clicks and intercepts text messages, thus knowing everything the user is doing, and even controlling his device remotely.

By doing so, the user can subscribe to unwanted premium paid services without permission, and they can also click ads automatically when connected to the internet and secretly agree to online payments.

4 apps were spotted just last month

Most users don’t usually notice an error until they check their bank statements, which is a problem that has haunted Android apps for a long time. Just last month we heard that Joker appears in 4 apps that have been installed 100,000 times.

Incidents like this make it important to have a reliable and secure antivirus app installed on your phone, and crucially, if you discover that you have a rogue app installed on your phone, you should delete it immediately.


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