Column for life: A plump piece of life | life & knowledge

Column for life: A plump piece of life |  life & knowledge

What is really important? What touches us today – and will not go away tomorrow? It’s the things that have moved us since human existence: happiness, love, family, partnership, time, stress, loneliness, farewell, grief.

BILD columnist Louis Hagen*, coming from a German-Jewish family, sought answers to the eternal questions of mankind from poets, thinkers and researchers. And found a few answers that are amazingly simple – and yet can enrich our lives.


If you say to friends: There is kale – if you come, you get the fastest answer in the world: Yes! When and where?

I think the word alone triggers a kind of gluttony that I don’t feel the same way with, for example, scallops with onion leeks or two kinds of lamb with balsamic figs.

Google tells us that we love kale, especially in the north. It was brought to us by the Greeks and Romans (who else?), which is why the vegetable is loved in Africa, Scandinavia, Russia, the Netherlands and the USA. The Romans weren’t to blame for that, as far as I know.

BILD columnist Louis Hagen

Photo: Wolf Lux

It rings. Hordes (felt) of friends and partners rush in. “How did you make it?” asks my friend Kai. “Hopefully with Pinkel and Kassler!” “Of course,” I say. “How else?”

Wikipedia says: “The revitalizing vegetables used to ensure the survival of humans and animals in the cold season.”

The Benedictine nun and herbalist Hildegard von Bingen (1098 – 1179) recommended kale. Today, the vegetable is considered a “superfood” – lots of nutrients, lots of vitamin C – a real mood lifter.

My friends must have read all this. Steaming plates of thick sausage. No noise at the table, except smacking when someone bites their pee. The word “hearty” is an understatement here.

There are dishes that demand everything from you. And for which you have to give everything.

And the cliché “beer flowed freely” can also be used with kale dishes. And by the way, schnapps is also part of it. At least in the evening.

Treat yourself to the super vegetables again.

Kale – a plump piece of life!

* Louis Hagen (76) was a member of the BILD editor-in-chief for 13 years and is now a consultant at the communications agency WMP. His texts have also been published as a book and are available at


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