Column for October 2, 2022 – Colds, flu-like symptoms, Pau d’arco and Pelargonium.

Another interesting thing. Cold viruses you breathe in, for example, then enter the bloodstream and then try to move (migrate) to the upper respiratory tract, to settle there in the mucous membranes present. Due to the presence of certain plant substances in the Pelargonium, such as gallic acid and methyl esters, the ‘sticking’ of the viruses to the mucous membranes is prevented, or at least made much more difficult, and Pelargonium also hinders the common cold viruses from multiplying generously. In short, if colds and sore throats, nasal problems arise early in the autumn season, taking Pau d’arco for some time, and especially the Pelargonium tincture, is often effective. You can also use both herbs together, each of 20 drops in a little water.


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