Comet Neowise visible to the naked eye: until the beginning of August it is hunting in the wake also in Italy

Here’s what it looks like from the International Space Station – Twitter/Nasa /Courier TV

Comet Neowise crosses the sky, visible to the naked eye from Earth. Discovered in March and visible from mid-June, it leaves an unmistakable trail. Starting from 11 July it will be preferable to look for it in the low evening on the north-west horizon, between 21 and 24 hours. Between 14 and 15 July the comet will even become circumpolar for northern Italy, i.e. it can be followed throughout. the night. From this date the Neowise will be visible in the evening from 9 pm at about 17 degrees above the north-west horizon, it will pass to the lower culmination in the north around 1 am, then it will rise again on the horizon until it reaches the 12 degrees in height towards sunrise. The period of circumpolar visibility will last until 23 July, then the evening visibility will definitively prevail over the morning one due to the combined effect of the comet moving away from the Sun and the orbital motion of the Earth. The last comet visible to the naked eye was Hale Bopp, in 1997



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