commemoration day of Joseph Voronka and Yuras Bushlyakov

commemoration day of Joseph Voronka and Yuras Bushlyakov

2023-06-03 23:01:00

A day in history

1634 – The Smolensk War between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Moscow State ended with the Peace of Polyanav.

1800 — the construction of the White House was completed in Washington, and the first residents moved in: the president John Adams with his wife.

1972 — a poet Iosif Brodzki headed for forced emigration from the USSR.

1989 — a student protest demonstration was finally suppressed on Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

1989 — the first partially free parliamentary elections were held in Poland, in which, despite the quotas for the communist regime, the Solidarity movement won.

They were born on this day

1867 Gustav MannerheimMarshal of Finland, President of Finland in 1944–1946.

1946Ludmila Brzhazovskayaballerina, People’s Artist of the BSSR.

In memory

1847– died Staffan Hrabovskya military figure, one of the leaders of the liberation uprising of 1794.

1872 – died Stanislav ManyushkaBelarusian and Polish composer.

1953 – died Joseph Voronkathe first prime minister and minister of foreign affairs of the government of the BNR.

The first government of the BNR. Joseph Voronka is sitting second from the right

1986 – died Constance Bouillota poetess.

Constance Bouillot

Constance Bouillot

2013 – died Yuras Bushlyakov, Belarusian linguist, employee of the Belarusian editorial office of Radio Svaboda. One of the co-authors of the book “Belarusian Classical Spelling”.

Yuras Bushlyakov's book

Yuras Bushlyakov’s book “Living Language”

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