Commission of Inquiry into the Testimony of the Commander of Gilboa Prison: “The Case of the Prisoner’s Prisoner has been investigated in the past, we will not conduct an investigation into the matter” – Israel Hayom

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  1. The commission of inquiry into the testimony of the commander of Gilboa Prison: “The case of the prisoner pimp has been investigated in the past. Israel Hayom
  2. The Gilboa prison commander admitted that he was a “pimp in the prisons”, one of whom responds: “Everything they tried to hide comes out”
  3. The sex prison affair was supposed to shake the country 3 years ago, but everyone chose to remain silent Walla! news
  4. Gilboa Prison Commander testifies: “Female soldiers were pimped out by terrorists for sexual purposes.” Ben Gvir: “A state commission of inquiry must be set up to investigate the heinous crime” – 0404 News 0404
  5. Despite the harsh allegations of pimping in prisons, former Ramon prison commander defends IPS: “Strange that the escape was diverted to it”
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