“Commitment for settlement agreement for former trainees”

Rome, 12 March (time.news Health)

“Even among the benches of the majority, I renew my commitment to medical specialists that between 1978 and 2006 were penalized by the state. Starting in the next few days, I will bring to the attention of the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, and of the Economy, Daniele Franco, the requests of the more than 170 thousand doctors damaged, also involving colleagues who have been following the story for some time, such as the Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri. “This is what was stated during the meeting organized by Consulcesi senator Nazario Pagano (Fi) of the Constitutional Affairs Commission of Palazzo Madama and among the supporters of the first hour of the long battle for the recognition of the denied rights of doctors during the training period.

Now among the banks of the government majority, he is the guarantor of an acceleration of the transaction. “The climate is favorable – adds Pagano – because never before is it clear to everyone how much doctors and health workers are a fundamental category for the well-being of our country. I will work to ensure that the doctors-state settlement agreement finds the fastest and most sustainable solution for all“.

The reassurance on the feasibility comes, directly from Brussels, from the M5S MEP, Fabio Massimo Castaldo, Vice President of the European Parliament. “Now there are European Recovery Fund funds to invest and positive signals for the resolution of the dispute are also coming from the Strasbourg Court”.

The green light of politics, at the closing of the settlement agreement, is fed by the medical and health institutions. The president of Fnomceo Filippo Anelli calls for a definitive solution to protect a generation of doctors heavily penalized by the state during specialization and, moreover, today at the forefront of the battle against Covid-19. Also during the appointment wanted by Consulcesi, an international network with over 100 thousand doctors represented and the main legal guardian of thousands of trainees who have not received adequate compensation during the years of training, the president Anelli is directed: “It is time to to put a point on the issue of reimbursements to former trainees, for this we make an appeal to the government and parliament to give an answer to the category ”.

Also Antonio Magi, president of the Order of Doctors of Rome makes an appeal on behalf of the more than 40 thousand doctors of Lazio asking for feedback from the institutions, reiterating that the request would be nothing more than the application of European legislation. A problem that has taken away not only money but “also social security contributions that were due by right to doctors, creating a real pension gap over the years”, he recalls Alberto Oliveti, president of Enpam, underlining a perhaps less known but no less important aspect.

A push for the solution also comes from the escalation of the sentences of the Courts that have condemned the Italian State to recognize over 600 million euros in recent years to thousands of white coats through collective actions.

The doctors-state agreement represents the common sense action that would allow doctors to immediately recognize their right and the state to reduce the heavy economic outlay of reimbursements that the judgments of the courts of all levels continue to grant to the applicants. During the meeting, Consulcesi also has quantified the costs of the dispute in question and therefore of the importance of stopping this haemorrhage of public money and avoiding flooding the courts. According to these estimates, this would mean a saving of over 78 million euros in the face of potential 15 thousand cases in all levels of justice.

“A huge saving for the state – he comments Simona Gori, General Manager of Consulcesi – considering that it is a dispute involving over 170 thousand medical specialists. It is therefore essential that Parliament reclaim its role and reach a settlement solution quickly with the speed envisaged in this meeting. In the meantime, we will continue to pursue the demands of medical specialists in the Courts for their right to be recognized. For this we are available with our information desk on the website www.consulcesi.it or on the toll-free number 800.122.777 “.


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