Commonwealth to Paris Olympics – Gold winning day laborer’s son Eldos opens up | Triple jumper Eldhose Paul tells his commonwealth games experience

Commonwealth to Paris Olympics – Gold winning day laborer’s son Eldos opens up |  Triple jumper Eldhose Paul tells his commonwealth games experience

Birmingham, one of the oldest cities in Britain, hosted the 22nd Commonwealth Games this time. Last week, the joy of Indian fans during the athletics matches at the state-of-the-art Alexander Stadium in Birmingham, one of the oldest cities in England, went beyond measure. Eldos Paul won the gold medal in triple jump, an Indian athlete and women’s athlete who has not seen much. Born as the son of Poulos, a day laborer from Kerala state, Eldos Paul has risen to the ranks of world athletes.

Eldos Paul won the Commonwealth Games triple jump gold by clearing 17.03m. It was followed by another Indian, Abubakar, who won the silver with a jump of 17.02m. This is a rare feat. This feat did not come easily to him when he won gold in his debut Commonwealth Games. He has overcome many hurdles such as poverty, lack of training and lack of a coach to reach this stage.

Speaking openly about winning the gold, he said, “The Kazakhstan tournament held last June was the biggest challenge. I braved the freezing cold and captured the silver. I was determined to break that barrier by clearing 17 meters in the triple jump. At the last World Athletics Championships, Kazakhstan did not even clear 17 metres. I made up for it through hard training, relentless effort and determination.”

Eldos Paul’s hometown is a small village in Ernakulam district of Kerala. Poulos is working as a daily laborer in his father’s Kochuthottam plantation. Even as a daily wage earner, he dreamed of making his son a champion. It doesn’t matter if we do wage work…the dream of my son achieving big in sports kept plowing in his eyes.

The father can see his son only at night. Every time you see your son, somehow achieve something in the game. He would keep saying that even if he is a laborer, I should have the honor of having made my son a champion.

Here…Eldos is happy to have fulfilled his father’s dream.

“Every athlete who makes it in India comes from a poor background. Poverty is what made us achieve. It was this poverty that got me up the gold medal ladder.

I never regretted coming from a poor family and I knew it was an issue. I have to deal with it. The coach who trained me was D.P. I must mention the work of Ausep here. I was only covering 13.4 meters at the start. Then some changes in my training were made by D.P. Auseb brought. He is the one who sculpted me out of clay. I am forever indebted to him. My thanks to him and to foreign coach Petros Petrosian and others,” says Eltos.

Eldos’s dream was not over even after winning gold at the Commonwealth Games. His journey is not over. His dream is to stand on the medal podium at the next Olympics. “My run will not stop until I win a medal at the 2024 Paris Olympics,” Eltos asserts.


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