Communist Party of Madurai Condemns Threatening BJP Poster in Madurai

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Communist Party of Madurai Condemns BJP’s Threatening Poster in Madurai

Madurai witnessed a bout of political tension as the Communist Party of Madurai expressed its strong disapproval of a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) poster that allegedly aimed to intimidate political parties and incite violence. The poster, which was prominently displayed in various areas of the city, depicted Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Tamil Nadu BJP state president Annamalai, and other leaders. It featured the phrase “Veichuthan,” signaling a threshold beyond which speech was not allowed.

M. Ganesan, Madurai Metropolitan District Secretary of the Communist Party, criticized the poster, stating that it posed a direct threat to the democratic forces and political parties that voice their concerns against the controversial actions of the central BJP government. He emphasized that the people of Madurai consistently advocate for religious harmony and unity and accused the poster of aiming to disrupt the communal balance and harmony present in Tamil Nadu.

R. Vishnu Prasad, State Secretary of the BJP Information Technology Division, defended the poster, stating that it was merely a response to the criticism faced by the BJP government for its policies. However, the Communist Party of Madurai demands suitable action from the local authorities to deal with those responsible for putting up the threatening poster. The party further urged the BJP leadership to express regret for the incident. They also called upon the people of Madurai to stand against such acts of violence and protect the democratic fabric of the city.

The local police is expected to take appropriate measures to investigate the matter and ensure the perpetrators of this provocative act are held accountable. This incident highlights the growing tensions and polarizing ideologies present in Tamil Nadu’s political landscape. The people of Madurai eagerly await a resolution to this issue to preserve peace, unity, and democracy in the city.

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