Communist Party State Secretary K. Balakrishnan slams annamalai.

“Communist parties and some party leaders who are working as DMK’s P-team and are living on the oxygen given by DMK have criticized Rajini to show their existence” said BJP President Annamalai in a press conference this morning. had spoken.

In this situation, the state secretary of the Marxist Communist Party K. Balakrishnan has issued a statement regarding Annamalai’s speech. In the report, “Why does Annamalai get angry if the governor is questioned? Rajinikanth has met the Governor of Tamil Nadu. He has the right to meet whomever he wants. The CBI(M) has not questioned any such meeting. Whereas, “We talked about politics. But I can’t share it with you,” Rajinikanth said in a press conference. What is the secret of politics that has talked so much that it cannot be shared publicly? The CPI(M) questioned the unconstitutionality of converting the governor into a politician and the governor’s house into a political party office.

The Governor or the Governor’s office should have given an answer to this question, but there is no need to rush ahead and interview Annamalai like Mundrikottai. Annamalai is neither the Governor’s secretary nor spokesperson; When that is the case, it is like “Engappan is not in the horse” to plead with the Annamalai governor. Beyond the boundary of being a governor, he is propagating the principles and principles of RSS on the platforms.

Annamalai’s efforts to revive the BJP in Tamil Nadu by raking in billions of crores through electoral bonds and participation in exploits in corporate companies have failed miserably. In this case, the attempt to convert the governor’s office into their party’s office is also a result of the fact that Annamalai is worried.

Governor Ravi – Rajini

Communists are not the ones who came with a letter of apology like the BJP. Being the leader of the BJP who betrayed the freedom struggle, Annamalai attacked the communists by advocating for the governor in a situation where there was nothing to talk about at the time of celebrating the 75th Independence Day.

The Marxist Communist Party has never been anyone’s ‘B’ team. But the RSS Since its inception, BJP has been doing politics only to act as the ‘B’ team of the British and after coming to power as the ‘B’ team of the corporates. Annamalai, who is its leader, has no inclination to criticize the communists. He mentioned that BJP’s idea of ​​trying to do politics through the governor without being able to gain people’s influence will end up as a daydream.


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