comparison with Hitler and a kiss with Vladimir Putin

On Sunday, with the debate between Jair Bolsonaro and Lula da Silva, Brazil kicked off the campaign for the presidential elections in October. Days later, the current president of the country suffered his first viral setback: opponents took over a web page that promoted his management and that now satirises him kissing vladimir putincon lasts forever or directly behind bars.

“Threat to Brazil”, It is the header that the page presents these days The main illustration portrays the president with the presidential sash, military suit and symbols of Nazism: swastika, outstretched arm and Hitler-style mustache.

In its new version, the page is defined as “a digital art gallery and journalistic archive related to the Bolsonaro family.”

On the home page, the page exposes Bolsonaro’s alleged plan to “subvert power.” And it enumerates: “corrosion of elections”, “violence and hate”, “dissemination of disinformation”, “generalized corruption”, “rise of neo-fascism”, “politics of death”, “weakening of the rule of law”, “Recruitment of Armed Forces.”, “Servitude to foreign powers” and “End of decency”.

The presentation of the page, satirises Jair Bolsonaro as Hitler

Each item has its allusive illustration: Bolsonaro’s red face and horns in devil modethe president with a snake as a tongue, his son Eduardo in a baby version as the face of disinformation and carnal relations with Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, among other reasons that satirize the leader of the Social Liberal Party.

An inscription sums up the spirit of the page: “Bolsonaro never hid that he is authoritarian. In his three decades as a politician, he always supported violence, stupidity, and the breakdown of the democratic order.” Questions in line with those launched by the opposition, which would have taken advantage of an oversight to take control of a highly coveted electronic address with more than two decades of life.

Illustrations in, the page that the opposition took over from the president of Brazil

Illustrations in, the page that the opposition took over from the president of Brazil

Bolsonaro’s page, with a long history

At least until October 2021, was dedicated to extolling the figure of the Brazilian president. The visitor was greeted with an image bearing the legend “Brazil above all, God above all”, Bolsonaro’s slogan.

At that time, it listed the measures that the president had taken due to the coronavirus, redirected Bolsonaro’s podcast and Telegram channel (both official), to an unofficial YouTube profile, and even offered the presidential curriculum vitae for consultation. in 2002, promoting the image of Jair Bolsonaro, then a federal deputy in 2002, promoting the image of Jair Bolsonaro, then a federal deputy

The promotion was extended to the entire family, with a photograph showing the Chief Executive along with his sons: Flávio, Carlos, Eduardo and Renán. In addition, it redirected to the official family blog.

At bottom, signature and copyright: “Copyright 2000 – 2020 Bolsonaro Family”.

Actually, the page activity dates back to the beginning of the new millennium. The use of the tool allows you to visit a version from 2002, when the current president was campaigning as a federal deputy.

In that almost prehistoric version, with its corresponding design, Jair Bolsonaro himself called for supporting “military candidates” and creating “a spirit of unity.” He also offered campaign material to print and distribute among militants.

In 2018, according to local media, the platform was also used by the current president to ask for votes. Later, at the height of his ascending career, since December 2019 the page began to spread the news of its leader.

An investigation of Newspaper exposed in 2020 that behind the domain was a businessman from Brasilia, who acknowledged having given information about his company to Bolsonaro’s office when he was a federal deputy but said he had been outside its operation from the beginning.

The page in October 2021. Now the opposition has captured Jair Bolsonaro with critical slogans

The page in October 2021. Now the opposition has captured Jair Bolsonaro with critical slogans

What happened to the page

After more than two decades at the service of Bolsonaro, the page entered a period of silence. As pointed out The globelast January there was a change of hands: opponents bought it and Bolsonaro continued to be the protagonist, although with a very different approach.

the situation would be far from a hack. The Brazilian media pointed out that the new owner is Gabriel Baggio Thomaz. The new owner, who has not yet responded to inquiries from the Brazilian newspapers, would have taken advantage of an oversight by the previous owners, who they forgot to renew the domain and so they would have left it vacant.

The rollover suffered is in tune with the proliferation of digital content against the president, who is seeking his re-election.

In that sense, Newspaper He explained that this new trend of apocryphal sites could violate electoral legislation, ahead of the October 2 elections.

Even the federal deputy Felício Laterça sent a note to the Supreme Court and the Electoral Court of Brazil to investigate the page for spreading “false accusations” and “fake news”. Then the Brazilian Minister of Justice and Public Security joined.

“Faced with such a direct and rude attack on President Jair Bolsonaro, through a website, I asked the director general of the Federal Police to immediately initiate a police investigation, for the proper investigation of the facts,” said Anderson Torres.

The measure could finally lower the blinds on the electronic address that knew how to host official government campaigns and actions, with the signature and copyright of Jair Bolsonaro and the Bolsonaro family.

And that now -between Hitler, kisses with Putin and devils- it carries a quite obvious legend: “This page is not managed nor does it belong to the Bolsonaro family.”



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