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Complaint Box |  Dinamalar Tamil News


Roadside construction debris

Damage to motorists-Miharamalai Nagar Municipality, Melrosehapuram — On the side of the road leading to Karunilam, industrial construction waste is being dumped. The smoke from it hits the eyes of motorists. Due to this, there is a situation where drivers get distracted and accidents happen. The municipal administration should take appropriate action against those who dump construction waste on the roadside.

Mahesh, Karamalai Nagar. Complaint Expecting to repair the pothole between Pettishala- Chittamur next to Polambakkam village, between Madhuranthakam – Sunambedu road, there was a pothole several months ago. Due to non-repair, the motorists who travel on this road are facing accidents and suffering a lot. The highway department administration should take steps to repair the road ditch. D. Kannan. Polambakkam

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