Compliance audit at the center of a workshop in Kinshasa – acpcongo

Compliance audit at the center of a workshop in Kinshasa – acpcongo

Kinshasa, March 22nd, 2023 (CPA). – The compliance audit was the focus of a capacity building workshop on Tuesday for magistrates of the Court of Accounts, organized by this financial control institution from 15 to 21 March in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

« It is a training that focused on compliance techniques which are a type of audit most used in the public sector, adding that it was to see the compliance with the regulation of practices at the level of different entities of public services. The rest is a problem of practice, you can give the tools, but you have to know how to implement them, when you don’t practice them, the knowledge remains at the theoretical state. With the dynamics impelled at the level of the court, people will begin to put into practice what they have learned, » explained the president of the chamber of the Court of Accounts of Senegal, Mamadou Thiao.

For his part, the magistrate of the Court of Accounts of Senegal, Ahmadou Lamino Kebe noted that « the audit of conformity is an audit of verification in relation to compliance with laws and regulations. Let the magistrates of the Court of Accounts implement what we have shared together, let them realise the professional standards and let them try each time they are in the field without an audit, to conduct their intelligence in conformity with these standards.

« What we have learned from you is important, we have learned a lot in a short time. We have to practice ourselves and in practicing we have to resort to the masters. It is symbolic that this training is being held immediately after the start of the judicial year of the court, the first in history, it is in line with other training we have received which are intended to strengthen our knowledge, « said the Attorney General of the Court of Accounts of the DRC, Salomon Tudieshe before declaring the work closed.

At the opening, the first president of the court of accounts Jimmy Munganga had stressed that this training should allow to proceed to the control of the finance law called « draft law on the register of accounts ».

This training workshop was mainly intended for magistrates of the Court of Audit and administrative and technical staff.


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