Computer Programs Write Screenplays Movies: Writer Yanthiran – Chat GPT | Generative Pre-training Transformer | Padhippura | Children

Computer Programs Write Screenplays Movies: Writer Yanthiran – Chat GPT |  Generative Pre-training Transformer |  Padhippura |  Children

We know about the chat bot that even enables creative literary writing based on artificial intelligence.

Just imagine, what if there was a machine man by your side to answer all your doubts and questions? What fun things would have been. At least some people may doubt that Google is the answer to all doubts. But things have reached beyond Google. Computer programs (bots) based on artificial intelligence like Chat GPT (Generative Pre training Transformer) have come to conquer our world. Chat GPT, which is currently in the experimental phase, has been widely used by people around the world since last November.

Once we ask Google a question, Google suggests tens of thousands of websites that have the answer. We are trying to find a way to satisfy all that. But Chat GPT, which is controlled by a company called Open AI, provides a precise answer to our question. That too is like a WhatsApp chat. For example, suppose we type a question on chat gpt, can you write an article in less than 100 words on what is chat gpt? A short article will be typed in seconds.

Dissertation, Assignments, Story, Poetry, Drama, Screenplay, whatever we can write with Chat GPT. It can write anything from scientific articles to historical fiction. Even films scripted by Chat GPT have been created. Our needs will be answered in Malayalam also from Chat GPT. Chat GPT’s Malayalam voice will also be beautiful if translation errors can be fixed.

This is not a small concern for humans. There are those who believe that creative literature is a departure from artificiality. The time when such boats are enough to do the work of writing more beautifully than humans can, will limit the creativity of humans. Chat GPT has the ability to mimic human writing style to an incredible degree.

There is no small concern that it will not be misused. Chat GPT is prohibited on New York City public school student computers and networks.

The ban is due to concerns about the negative impact on student learning and concerns about the accuracy and security of the content. At the same time, considering its excellence, the demand to consider Chat GPT as a learning tool has also started to rise. It is currently free to use. Anyone who creates an account at can test the capabilities of Chat GPT.

Even pictures and video

Similarly, the system of creating pictures and videos based on artificial intelligence has become current. Web sites like OpenAI’s Dal-e and MidJourney, the creators of Chat GPT, take our verbal cues and return images. Just type in the instructions for an image you want and it will return brilliant images. Such websites are becoming popular all over the world.

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