Confagricoltura-Finance, Giansanti: “Alliance for the relaunch of production”

Agroalimentare, the president of Confagricoltura Giansanti: “A record year. Rethinking logics and relationships”

Agri-food aim big. And this year could really close with the record level of 50 million euros of products Made in Italy for foreign markets. “An important result, even more so because it gives strength to the whole economic system”, revealed the president of Confagricoltura Massimiliano Giansanti. In the wake of this result, “it is essential to set up, in a new logic, the relationships between finance, credit and companies in the sector. We must return to planning development and investing”, underlined the president. “We are actively committed to promoting a alliance between the financial-banking and the productive world. Moving in harmony serves the agricultural and agri-food system but also for the whole country, even more so today ”, reiterated Giansanti.

“Our goal is, explained the president, improve relations with the financial and banking system, reducing theinformation asymmetry towards businesses; to increase skills and tools for an appropriate diagnosis of the company’s economic and financial situation; to broaden the horizons of the company to sources of financing, including non-banking ones. From this perspective, the ISMEA initiative to promote market finance for companies in the agri-food sector is also excellent.

But that is not all. In addition to creating more effective relationships, they aim for formation. From the first course, carried out in collaboration with its own training institution Enapra, the first twenty specialized professional figures who will operate in the territorial offices of Confagricoltura have emerged: for the preparation of a financial “reporting” able to evaluate also the capacity, present and future of the company; and to deal with business assistance and consultancy activities, also and above all in the current phase of emergency and uncertainty and therefore in the subsequent phase of relaunch and development of the activities. “Relations with stakeholders and organizational reorganization are aimed at favoring the planning and consolidation of businesses, concluded the president of Confagricoltura. “An essential development opportunity in the current economic and financial context, which is increasingly dynamic”.


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