Confcommercio asks to strengthen the appropriations for refreshments – It is necessary to decisively strengthen – within and beyond the perimeter of the Sostegni decree – the resources dedicated to refreshments that will be recognized to companies and VAT numbers in the face of the average monthly turnover losses recorded in 2020 compared to 2019. Confcommercio according to which the measure taken yesterday by the Council of Ministers allocates about 11 billion out of the 32 billion mobilized by the decree for these interventions. But the audience of interested parties is in the order of 3 million subjects (taking into account the filters for access to indemnities consisting of an average monthly amount of turnover and fees lower in 2020 by at least 30 percent compared to 2019, and from the of 10 million euros for revenues or fees) and companies are facing the impact of a drop in consumer spending, in 2020, close to 130 billion euros.

“We therefore need more adequate refreshments – underlines Confcommercio – in terms of resources, more inclusive in terms of access parameters, more timely in terms of operational mechanisms “.

Same considerations for the measures dedicated to tourism, mountains and culture. Furthermore, according to Confcommercio, transport interventions should not only concern local public transport, providing instead effective support to the entire accessibility system. They remain then interventions on credit moratoriums and liquidity support for companies are “very urgent”.

Finally, for Confcommercio, the extensions of the Cassa Covid are good (without prejudice to the need to ensure coverage also for all periods prior to April 1) and the exceptions for forward contracts until the end of the year, as well as the additional financing of the fund for the partial exemption from contributions of self-employed workers and professionals established in the Budget Law.

As for the tax bills, Confcommercio asks for the cancellation of those from 2000 to 2010 up to 5,000 euros for individuals with 2019 income up to € 30,000.

“We remain – concludes Confcommercio – pending the tax collection reform”.



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