Conference League: 0: 1 to Lask on Maccabi

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Tonight, Maccabi Tel Aviv recorded its first loss of the season in the home stage of the Conference League after being defeated 1: 0 by Lask from a goal by Horbat in the 89th minute. The Yellows were superior for most of the game, but did not take advantage of winking situations in front of the Austrian goalkeeper, Schlager. In this way, Maccabi lost chances to finish first at home and regardless of the game in the last round against Alashkart, Maccabi will play in the last 32 stages.

The vehicle is developed

Maccabi started with a defensive line that included Andre Geralds, Luis Hernandez, Shahar Phiben and Enrique Sborit. In the link, Sharan Yeni opened in place of Dan Glazer, Eyal Golsa and Gabi Kanikovsky. In the attacking trio, Brandley Kubas, Matan Hozaz and Stifa broke in.

first half

Maccabi was in complete control of the field from the beginning of the game and in the 15th minute recorded a great opportunity at the end of an attack with a wide ball from Geralds that was inches away from a breakaway.

In the 30th minute, Maccabi recorded one of its biggest chances in the half so far. Gulsa slipped the ball between his legs to three Lasque players and handed it to Geralds who one-on-one kicked into the goalkeeper’s hands. 2 minutes later Hozaz almost found the break in a high ball but a Lasek goalkeeper overtook him.

Hozz almost surprised Schlager with a break from the left and kicked to the near corner but the Austrian was in place and the top corner that Phiben almost translated into the lead but the ball that hit hit the crossbar.

Just before the half again one on one this time of a break in front of Schlager and again the Austrian’s hand was on top. Daniel Peretz, on the other hand, lost an uncharacteristic ball, took advantage of a goal absorption after the ball kicked by Boler slipped from the crossbar.

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second half

Maccabi opened the half just as they finished the first with pressure on Lusk’s hair and the first to endanger Schlager’s goal was Hozaz, but his kick was stopped by the Austrian.

From the other side, Daniel Peretz recorded a great save from a Nakamura kick to the right corner. Yitzhaki made two substitutions after 69 minutes, replacing Davidzada and Osama Khalaila with a breakaway and a hoax. In the 80th minute, Guerrero also entered the game at the expense of Kubas.

In the 84th minute, Yitzhaki made Maccabi’s last substitution. Eden Shamir entered at the expense of Eyal Golsa. In the 89th minute, after minutes in which Lasek pressed the hair of Maccabi Horbat, he took control of a deep ball and from 10 meters kicked inside. 0: 1 to Lask.

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