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NaIn the country there is a browser of monotonous fairy tales that are not difficult to read or listen to and want. They are indestructible over time. Its taste is indescribable. Coming in that order is the story of Wickramasinghe. It has many branch stories. And despite many unreliable incidents, it is capable of dealing with the opposite without asking questions. The time loop is what happens in the mode. Do you know how it starts, whoever gets stuck in the time loop, on what basis the time loop happens again and again, on what basis this time loop ends. This raises many questions like. Images that make this clear, and more confusing images, have appeared in monolingual languages. In general, time loops, time travel, etc. are all imaginary. However, works based on the Time Loop are always welcome. In that sense, the conference film is the first to clearly tell the story of this time loop in our India and especially in Tamil as a movie!

The story of this conference film is that the hero Abdul Khalik (Simbu) leaves Dubai and comes to Coimbatore for a friend’s wedding. Calick’s plan is to kidnap the girl who is ready to beat him and put her with his friend who fell in love with her. Accordingly, when the bride is going to kidnap and marry a friend, an unexpected incident takes place. Police officer Dhanushkodi (SJ Surya) says the Chief Minister should be killed if he wants to get rid of the problem. Abdul Khalik admits it and kills the Chief Minister. Following this, the police kill him. When Sattena wakes up, Galick is back on the plane. Only then does he realize he is stuck in a time-loop. The story is about the action adventures of a man who has to escape from this predicament and save the Chief Minister.

After a long hiatus, the much-anticipated release of Simbu’s performance did not disappoint the fans after a three – year wait. We also run together as C runs to save us by having the power to turn back one day, turning it into his strength. In it, Simbu gets stuck with YG Mahendran in acting verses and acting, and the theater falls and laughs. SJ screams at the Surya Theater in every scene that comes his way, sidelining Simbu throughout the film. Every time Simbu dies, he is again in the box to enjoy the eye-popping scenes. He keeps innovating in villainy

The comedy alliance actors who usually appear in Venkat Prabhu film are not in it. Premji is only going to come to the desired place as a friend. Though the heroine Kalyani Priyadarshan and Karunakaran are not big characters, they have added strength to the film.

A song in the sensational film is a separate PGM for the protagonist for the comfort villain, with Yuvan weaving in the background music for the film. Cinematography by Richard M. Nathan

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, there are a lot of time loop stories in Hollywood but as it is difficult to make the audience understand its complex concept, no one in Tamil cinema has tried it but Venkat Prabhu has achieved it with his innocent screenplay. The film highlights not only Simbu but also Venkat Prabhu’s talent. Not even a single character in the film is unnecessary. With a thousand background stories in each scene, they have made a stunning effort in Tamil as a thrilling jet speed screenplay.

Editor K.L. This is the 100th film for Praveen. Awesome hundred! Special bokeh parcel for Suresh Kamatchi who made such a film available to Kollywood

Overall this is a must watch movie for everyone who loves cinema!

Mark 4/5

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