Conflict between the two sides during the conference film

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Coimbatore Theater

Coimbatore: Police have arrested and jailed eight people in connection with a clash between the two sides at the KG Theater during a conference film in Coimbatore.

Crowds had gathered to watch Simbu starrer “Conference” on Sunday night at the popular KG Theater in the Coimbatore Race Road area. The two sides clashed while the film was being aired in theaters. Both sides took turns attacking. Upon learning about this, the police went there and brought the persons to the police station and conducted an investigation. The racing police then charged both sides with four counts of rioting, injuring, threatening to kill and speaking obscenely.

Maheswaran, Gautam and Kathiravan were arrested by the police on a complaint lodged by Mohammad Nishar. Looking for 7 others.

Similarly, on a complaint lodged by Maheswaran, the police filed a case against 5 persons on the other side and arrested Mohammad Azharuddin, Abdul Rahman, Mohammad Asbar and Mohammad Salman Shahnaz. Police are taking action to nab the other 7 persons.

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