Congo, Unicef: “150 children separated from their families after the eruption of the volcano, 170 missing”. The death toll rises to 20

A communication fromUnicef reports that they are more than 150 i children separated from their families following the eruption of the mountain Nyiragongo, on the eastern border of the Democratic Republic of Congo, on the night between 22 and 23 May. Others 170 I am still missing after escaping from the city of Eraser, a few tens of kilometers from the volcano. The death toll is gone up a 20 with the finding of others five bodies of people who died suffocated.

They are more than 5mila the people who crossed the border from Goma to Rwanda. At least 25mila instead they were displaced a Sake, 25 kilometers to the northwest. Most of the evacuees are slowly starting to return home after the lava stopped flowing yesterday morning: hundreds, however, find damaged homes and a shortage of water and electricity. UNICEF still reports many children in the area near the airport, left homeless and in situations of poverty. At least five dead have been directly linked to the eruption in the cities of Buhene, Kibatshi e Kibumba.

Unicef ​​intervened immediately to provide an emergency response. The goal is to install points of chlorination of water in Sake and surroundings, to limit the spread of cholera in such a delicate moment. The intervention in the next few hours will concern various water supply networks in the area, then epidemiological surveillance will be strengthened. Two transit centers will be organized for unaccompanied minors, who will take care of the children separated from their parents in collaboration with the local Congolese authorities. The agency also works to steer cases of violence and gender abuse towards adequate support doctor e psychosocial. The last eruption of Nyiragongo, in 2002, left more than 100 thousand people homeless.

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