Congress postpones vote on social and climate aspect of Joe Biden’s investment plans

A vote is now expected before the end of November. This plan provides for nearly $ 1.8 trillion in investments for social and climate spending.

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A setback for the American president. Unlike the attentes, Congress will not vote Friday November 5 the social and climate component of Joe Biden’s investment plans, announced the Democratic President of the House of Representatives. A vote on this plan of nearly $ 1.8 trillion is now expected “before Thanksgiving Day”, scheduled for November 25, said Nancy Pelosi to the press.

Called “Build Back Better”, this plan notably provides for nursery school for all, a profound improvement in health coverage and significant investments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Its total cost has already been halved, nursery school for all. If this text is validated by the elected representatives of the Chamber, it will still have to be approved in the Senate, where it risks being significantly modified.

Nancy Pelosi “hope” all the same a vote in the House on Friday evening on the other big investment plan of Joe Biden: an envelope of 1,200 billion dollars for the dilapidated infrastructures of the country. But the progressive wing of the Democratic Party has repeatedly warned that it would not support this text without a guarantee of the passage of the social and climate component of Joe Biden.


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