Conquered the Premier League: In England, Efim al-Bat-Sghar of Manor Solomon

Conquered the Premier League: In England, Efim al-Bat-Sghar of Manor Solomon

Manor Solomon and his partner Dana Vushtsina, won a “yellow” item in the British “Sun” for the first time. “A beacon from heaven”, that’s how they wrote about the 23-year-old attacking player who scored five goals at Fulham. While the Ukrainian Mykhailo Modric who signed with Chelsea for 100 million euros “is still not delivering the goods as expected of him, the Israeli who came from Shakhtar shows how much talent he has with his feet”, they wrote.

“Solomon is only a year older than Modric but left him on the bench while they played together at Shakhtar and the Israeli was throwing sparks on the pitch as a left winger. In fact, it was only when Solomon made the move from Ukraine to Folkeham last summer that Modric broke out in a big way,” wrote the “Sun” on Monday The young footballers who came from the same team to the best league in the world. “Solomon joined London alongside his stunning partner, Dana Vushtsina.” The English had their eye on the young footballer’s wife and the rising star herself, Manor’s other half.

In the article, admire Dana’s rising follower base, which, as we already told you last month, managed to cross the ten thousand follower mark and, like her partner, is on the rise. “The Israelis who conquer the Premier League” are at the beginning of the road and they both have many more rabbits in the hat, just to be clear. After the English attached the nickname “Pikachu” to Solomon after the smallest and most agile Pokemon, it will be interesting to find out what nickname will be given to our representative in the Premier League who does us alongside her footballer, much respect.


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