“Conspiracy against Iran”: Raisi in a sharp attack against the demonstrators throughout the country

Iran continues to storm: The “hijab riots” continue to wash over the cities of Iran, following the death of Mehsa Amini, a 22-year-old young woman, who was allegedly beaten to death by the morality police on the grounds that she “wore a hijab carelessly”. Following this, the Iranian president, Ibrahim Raisireferred to the protests and said that “the protests are a conspiracy against Iran to stop its progress.”

Meanwhile, in an interview broadcast on state television in the country, Raisi stressed that “the Iranian people see the rioters, they should be prosecuted. The US is inciting the people and some people have been deceived and are endangering the security of the people. The issue of Mrs. Amini’s death was used as an excuse, but the people failed in the counter-revolution.” Also, the president testified that he spoke with Amini’s family and said that “I told them I would follow up on the matter. They also expressed their support for the regime.”

In addition, Raisi also referred to his visit to New York and his speech at the UN General Assembly. According to him, “This was the first visit of the President of the Islamic Republic to the US after the assassination of Qassem Soleimani and it was necessary to broadcast the authoritative voice of the Iranian nation to the world.” He also referred to relations with Russia, saying that “since my trip to Moscow until the economic summit in Shanghai, business ties with Russia have increased by 80%.”

The reactor in Boshahar, Iran (Photo: Reuters)
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Later, the Iranian President referred to the continuation of the negotiations on the nuclear agreement and emphasized that “at the meeting I had with the President of France, Emmanuel Krone, we discussed the nuclear issue and the position of the Islamic Republic. We announced that a fair and good agreement is completely achievable and we are ready for a good agreement, but the agreement must be fair. The main point we emphasized is that the Americans withdrew from the agreement, and the Europeans did not meet their obligations. Our positions were such that he should talk to the Americans and express our positions to them and inform us about it.”

As a reminder, as part of the repression measures, the Iranian government blocked the Internet and cellular services and also blocked WhatsApp and Instagram. Following this, the American Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, said that his country would try to ease the internet restrictions imposed on the citizens in Iran, and stated that “we are going to make sure that the Iranian people will not remain isolated and in the dark”. Blinken emphasized that “the partial easing of internet restrictions is a concrete step to provide significant support to Iranians in their demand to respect their basic rights. The Iranian government fears its people.”


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