Conspiracy to capture AIADMK with OBS? Secret meeting? DTV Dhinakaran Description | TTV Dhinakaran denies to meet with O Panneerselvam


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Published: Monday, June 27, 2022, 7:17 [IST]

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Chennai: AIADMK general secretary DTV Dinakaran has categorically denied reports that he had a secret meeting with O. Panneer Selvam at the height of the power struggle in the party.

Tiruvallur district AIADMK activists meeting was held at Ayappakkam near Avadi. AIADMK General Secretary DTV Dinakaran was present. DTV Dinakaran then told reporters:

TTV Dhinakaran denies to meet with O Panneerselvam

The AIADMK general body meeting held on the 23rd was a black day in the party history of the MGR. The public meetings of MGR and Jayalalithaa will be a special historical event. MGR is claiming that the evil force is Karunanidhi. Found the political arena. Similarly, Jayalalithaa followed him into the political arena. Chief Minister Stalin criticizes the arrogance that has now come to power. But there is a party called Ammuka; Chief Minister MK Stalin has forgotten that there are real Jayalalithaa volunteers in this. We will ring the death knell for DMK ourselves.

AIADMK has now become the tent of idiots. In the future, we will set up Jayalalithaa’s regime by projecting Jayalalithaa’s policies. After that we will recover the overlay. It is because Jayalalithaa’s movement has fallen into the wrong hands that we started this movement called Amma People’s Progressive League. In addition, the double-leaf clover is currently in the hands of MR Radha and villains like Veerappa. It will be rescued by the volunteers of the Mother People’s Progressive Organization.

OPS coup?  Dismissed?  AIADMK executive meeting in Chennai in a tense situation! OPS coup? Dismissed? AIADMK executive meeting in Chennai in a tense situation!

I have no need to secretly meet O. Panneer’s wealth. They are talking about something because the court intervened to convene a public meeting at a cost of crores of rupees and nothing happened as Edappadi Palanichamy thought. At present the AIADMK is in the process of buying public committee members for Rs 3 crore, Rs 4 crore and Rs 5 crore for the post of general secretary. For that, Edappadi Palanichamy is playing a monster game. So, the AIADMK movement is heading towards the path of destruction.

In the AIADMK general body the OPS was fortunately attacked only by a water bottle; Those in the AIADMK crowd are more dangerous than this. But I would like to express my appreciation to OPS, Vaithiyalingam and JCD Prabhakaran for going there so bravely and attending that public meeting. Even though party executives were bought for crores like in the IPL auction, what Edappadi Palanichamy thought did not happen. Due to the issue of dual leadership, no one is talking about the activities of the DMK regime at present / therefore, the promises made by Chief Minister Stalin are now flying in the air. The government would have received crores of rupees if the income tax authorities had duly seized the money transferred to the General Assembly. In the Dravidian model of rule, every Dravidian nods and the plans stated in any election manifesto remain unimplemented. Thus said Dinakaran.

English summary

AMMK General Secretary TTV Dhinakaran has denied meeting with O Panneerselvam.

Story first published: Monday, June 27, 2022, 7:17 [IST]


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