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Epic Games earlier announced the launch of an iOS platform app called RealityScan, which allows users to convert images captured by mobile phone cameras into high-resolution 3D models.

This app is currently free to download and use, and supports iPhone and iPad respectively, and the Android version will be launched later. The technology behind it comes from the image computing software Capturing Reality acquired by Epic Games, which allows users to easily convert images into high-resolution 3D models after taking images through the lens of their mobile phones, and output them through the Sketchfab platform for games and virtual reality The platform can even be combined with online transactions for resale.

According to the instructions, after logging in to the RealityScan service through the Epic Games account, the user can take at least 20 photos around the subject to complete the 3D model creation. During the shooting process, the RealityScan service will also inform the completeness of the shooting through green, yellow or red, so that users can know which parts need to be re-shot.

After the shooting is completed, the system will synthesize multiple images into a 3D model through online cloud computing, and the user can also check the completed results to confirm whether there is any synthesis error or incorrect shooting.

However, after all, the appearance of the subject is only photographed through the lens of the mobile phone, so there are still some restrictions. For example, if the surface is reflective or wet, it may cause misjudgment, and the background of the shooting environment is too complicated. It will also affect the judgment of the system. It is recommended to use lines to form a relative Items that are simple, large in area, and relatively simple in ambient light are the main items.

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