Construction, other 62 applications financed on regional mortgages

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From the revolving funds 9 million euros for first home loans and private building renovation

AOSTA. The Valle d’Aosta regional council has given the green light to finance new applications for a subsidized loan for the first home and building renovation for a total of 9 million euros.

The resources come from the availability of the revolving fund which makes it possible to finance 62 applications, 51 of which for the first home and 11 for private building restoration interventions. It will be Finaosta to take care of the procedure for disbursement of the sums.

“At our inauguration, on 21 October 2020 – affirms in a note the councilor for Finance, Carlo Marzi -, there were 567 firm cases for a total of over 85 million 300 thousand euros. As early as December 2020, with the implementation of the revolving fund through a liquidity graft for the amount of 12 million 250 thousand euros, this amount was reduced to 66 million 500 thousand euros. A further loan was arranged in January for an amount of 3 million 490 thousand 800 euros “.

There are now 354 applications pending for an amount of € 51.9 million. According to the programs of the regional government, new loans will be supported by the use of the interest rate subsidy.


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