Consult the Cts? Letizia champion of hindsight ‘

In view of the now certain (new) party of Inter and its fans to celebrate the Scudetto, the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala responds piquely to the statements of the councilor for Welfare and vice president of the Lombardy Region Letizia Moratti. The former first citizen of Milan had asked, in the past few hours, to involve the Technical Health Committee (Cts) regarding the decisions to be taken to control the behavior of citizens during the celebrations.

Sala: City will be controlled, Inter will collaborate

“Politics, even life, is full of great interpreters of ‘with hindsight’. If there was a championship, I think Councilor Moratti could win the title”. Thus mayor Sala in response to Moratti on the sidelines of the commemoration ceremony of political and racial deportees in the Nazi extermination camps at the Monumental Cemetery. Sala then denied the news according to which on Saturday there will be red zones in Milan: “They will not be established – said the mayor of Milan – but there will be a garrison of the city”. The mayor then explained that “there is collaboration both with the Inter club and with the representatives of the fans. With the prefect and commissioner, Saturday will be a day in which we will be together, even if not always physically, to check what happens”. Waiting for the celebrations to unfold, Sala finally added, concluding, that “there is a spirit of reopening in the city: there will be the Sentinelli demonstration which I think will be very popular, the Inter match. So we expect a warm Saturday. “. Instructions are expected shortly to understand how the celebrations for the Nerazzurri title will take place.


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