Containers with radioactive material confiscated

Containers with radioactive material confiscated

2023-05-05 21:09:38

DThe authorities in Lower Saxony discovered and confiscated containers with radioactive material in a residential building in Braunschweig. As the Lower Saxony State Office for Water Management, Coastal Defense and Nature Conservation (NLWKN) announced in the north on Friday, the containers were taken to a radiochemical laboratory at the facility in Hildesheim. There they will be examined further. A citizen had previously reported the containers.

According to the online portal, the man from Braunschweig found the containers when he was clearing out his parents’ basement to clear out an apartment. Accordingly, it is about two lead-coated shielding containers.

One cesium-137 and two radium-226 sources

According to the NLWKN, initial measurements at the site on Friday showed that there was a cesium-137 source and two radium-226 sources. There was no damage, all items were free of contamination. A weak radiation could be measured directly on the containers, but no abnormalities could be measured directly in front of the cellar. There was therefore no danger to the population.

In addition to nature conservation and flood protection, the NLWKN is also responsible for radiation protection in Lower Saxony, which includes securing radioactive material.

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