Conte’s change of pace files the ‘old-fashioned’ M5s – A change of pace for the M5s. It is the one marked by the first appearance of Giuseppe Conte as political leader in pectore of the 5-star Movement. The acceleration of the former premier, dictated in all probability by the fibrillations of waiting within the Movement, did not create delusion at the timei, given that the postponement of the discussion on ‘knots’ it was in fact acquired. But leave in standby the pentastellate galaxy, still looking to know what the changes will be statute which could be fundamental: starting from the declination of the leadership a 5stelle that general states‘of the Movement have drawn how collegiate, sending one person’s guide to the attic. And it marks, however, in the analysis of some M5s exponents, certainties.

Berlusconi’s best wishes

Conte’s intervention, but Forza Italia sources do not confirm, would have been, in the meantime, ‘greeted’ by a ” good luck ‘also by Silvio Berlusconi, who would have heard the former premier yesterday. The knight has never denied the appreciation for the style of the former Prime Minister with whom there would have been discussions at least up to the parliamentary page marked by the search for those responsible in the Senate, in view of the Count ter, who was then shipwrecked.

The change of M5s

The words of Contand – if the new adventure actually starts – indicate that we are now ‘something else’ compared to the beginnings, underline qualified sources. The problem is to understand what the M5S intends to transform into: the former premier, it is noted, certainly did not speak to the activists and in some way not even to the elect of the first hour. His speech – which in the form announces how the communication of yesteryear will henceforth be just a memory – ha “rejected the anti-system” as a location. He seemed to be looking at more of one moderate range which, without prejudice to the horizon of alliances in the center left, still does not make it clear where he imagines himself to place the Movement: “it’s okay to be Verdi, but to the right or left of the Democratic Party?“is one of the questions.

The turning points

From the turning points that can be read in the words of Conte, it is still observed, there is the fact that the Movement will cease to be a party at no cost: the organization outlined by the former premier will certainly entail a cost. And on this front not only the theme of contribution that the elected will be called to provide (about 2,500 euros per month), but also a question. And that is, what will be the destination of the about 7 million which have merged into the return-account to subsidize funds such as that of small businesses and which are reportedly still at a standstill today?

As for the question of second term ‘yes or no’, the awareness, M5s sources explain, is that, whatever choice is made, someone ‘will do it, evil force’ because it will be excluded from the possibility of returning to Parliament. Which creates some discontent. While Conte, in the meantime, made it clear that the rule ‘one is worth one’ must be accompanied, in future ‘investitures’, by that of the competencea.

The stop at the currents

On the currents, to which Conte said ‘stop’, the reasoning is that at this stage placements will continue. And on the role of Di Maio, who in the past few hours met the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, other reflections open up. Why Di Maio and not the other M5s? Di Maio – is the reply that comes from some sources – was therethe only M5s political leader elected from the base and it is therefore obvious that the secretary Dem met him, in his new role as Pd guide. But if Conte is voted leader of M5S 2.0, what will be the position of the Foreign Minister, who “let’s not forget” was the only one to bring the Movement into two governments and who is considered a point of reference? This is one of the questions.

The Rousseau front

Another front is Rousseau. Conte never mentioned the ‘creature’ of Davide Casaleggio, but has assured that his entry into the M5S will pass for aonline membership of the base. If you will use another platform will pose a issue, according to some sources, not to be underestimated: presumably it will be necessary start another subscription of all those entitled to vote. Otherwise it will not be possible to certify them. Or, at least, it will be necessary to ask all those who currently participate in the decisions, the ok to migrate to another web container. In short, we will have to wait later Easter to understand how the Movement that faces one will evolve first test on the campo: that of the administrative offices, starting from Roma



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